“Hill writes songs that make most of his peers seem either empty-headed or self-obsessed. As a singer, writer and most impressively as a guitarist, he celebrates the blues form without being shackled to it, creating a sound that’s referential and relevant at the same time. Alternately scorching and soaring solos.”
-Washington Post

“Rootsy, futuristic…genuine authority…Alongside this much will sound basic, ordinary and distinctly old hat. Hill issues statements of penetrating potency…a fascinating rhythmic mix.”
-Juke Blues

“These guys love life as much as they hate injustice, and it shows in the joy they take in improvisation…bone-shattering intensity. Not for the faint of heart but definitely for the hopeful.”
-Chicago Reader

“A hard-hitting singer, guitarist, and songwriter…he is arguably the most creative of today’s blues guitarists, and he leads a potent band. New York State Of Blues is an essential purchase.”
–Living Blues
“Hill writes songs that make other young musicians seem ignorant of the real world in which we all live … Hill is truly the bluesman piloting the music into the next century.”
— Blues Revue

“Forward-thinking Michael Hill nods to rock, reggae and New York soul. He takes chances, stretching boundaries with supple, super-charged solos … Kick-ass and world-class.”
— Guitar Player

“Incendiary … a melting pot of r&b, blues, fusion, reggae, and balls-out heavy rock.”
— Guitar Shop

“(With Have Mercy!) Michael Hill and company continue to define new musical directions … brutally realistic … Hill’s guitar performs acrobatics as it weeps, screams, whispers, and roars.”
— Living Blues

“A dynamic and versatile bunch of players full of metaphorical piss and vinegar who prove that modern, up tempo blues is the perfect vehicle for postmodern sass and sentiment.”
— Village Voice

“He can shred furiously and be soulful at the same time. Remarkable.”
— Time Out New York

“Michael Hill is the hippest bluesman around. His blues have the sweeping power of his greatest influences, Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana.”
— Philadelphia Daily News

“Michael Hill’s Blues Mob is steeped in tradition but forward looking…injecting renewed vigor to a style that often threatens to out-cliché itself. Hill’s material is both cinematic and topical”
–Toronto Sun

“Hill sprays sweet-toned notes with dazzling bravado…affecting, thoughtful soul.”
-Jazz Times

On Bloodlines: “A cliché-smashing debut, Michael Hill’s Blues Mob delivers hard blues for hard times…swooping, soaring, speaker-shredding solos…stratospheric slide…he’s the missing link between Howlin’ Wolf and Living Colour.”
-Guitar Player